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Our homes are sometimes the largest inventment we make, unfortunately it can also be one of the biggest expenses.  If you have any real estate questions regarding any topic, buying, selling, mortgages, investing, current market questions, what’s the value of my home, anything really.  Consider me your first call, I’m happy to help.

I love working with people, I have done it all my life, as a commercial photographer, in national and international sales, and of course real estate.  We work with our clients throughout the process to make sure the risk is minimized, your goals are met, and the process is as stress free as possible.

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At Steps we have an amazing set of marketing tools to help sellers meet their financial goals and get their property sold for the highest current market value. These same tools help us find the perfect home for buyers and help us negotiate the best possible price when buying your new home. I work with home buyers and sellers as well as real estate investors looking to maximize their returns by diversifying their portfolios into real estate.


My family and I really enjoy Boulder County and the surrounding areas, some of the best camping, cycling, running, climbing, golfing and fishing can be found right here.  And did I mention, the 300+ days a year of sunshine?

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For more information on real estate investment in Boulder County Colorado please visit, www.BoulderRealEstateInvestment.com

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